Christian Schafleitner

Master's Thesis

Collaborative and Distributive Workflows
with Digital Whiteboards
(Kollaborative Arbeitsprozesse mit vernetzten multimedialen Whiteboards)

Christian Schafleitner

Distributed work has been more and more relevant through the increasing flexibility of companies and people. Moreoften the collaboration of different people on various places is necessary. The internet already offers applications to facilitate collaborative work. However, in meetings and creative works an audio- or video connection is insufficient.

Digital whiteboards are replacing their analogous predecessor and offer new possibilities to interact with a computer. Instead of mice and keyboards, digital pens are used to combine handwritten material with multimedia-based content.

The combination of a digital whiteboard with a novel application, which allows collaborated work on widespread locations, has been discussed in this Master’s thesis. Besides the technical realization of a server and client prototype, features for shared scenarios are presented. The application can beoperated with digital pens as well as with mice and keyboards on different devices. The possibilities to archive digital content centrally and create automated journals should encourage people to use this software.

The evaluation of the prototype shows that new user interaction concepts and functionality are rather accepted than well-known solutions. Though it is still hardly possible to allow interpersonal communication through a software application.

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Paperizer - Bridging the gap between real printouts and digital whiteboard
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Christian Schafleitner Hi, my name is Christian and I am from Steyr, Austria. In 2008 I graduated from the Master course "Digital Media" at the University of Applied Sciences in Hagenberg, Austria. Currently I am working as a User Experience Developer at Microsoft Office Labs in Redmond, Washington (USA).




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